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Human Pain & Genetics: some basics.  Sabu, James, British Journal of Pain, 0(0) 1 - 8, 2013.  Recent advances in genetics have revealed subtle changes in DNA can explain individuals' differences in pain.

Natural history of erythromelalgia: presentation and outcome in 168 patients.  Davis MD, O’Fallon WM, Rogers RS, Rooke TW. Archives of Dermatology 2000, 136:330-336. Review of 168 EM patients seen at Mayo Clinic from 1970 – 1994.

Erythromelalgia: an underrecognized manifestation of small-fibre neuropathy. Kumar N, Davis MD. Mayo Clinic Pro-ceedings 2006, 81(8):1001. Creating awareness that EM involves small-fiber neuropathy.

A refractory case of erythromelalgia involving the ears. Ramirez CC, Kirsner RS. American Journal of Otolaryngology 2004, 25:251-254. Detailed report of one EM patient who remained resistant to all treatment.

Poxviruses isolated from epidemic erythromelalgia in China. Zheng ZM, Zhang JH, Hu JM, Liu S, Zhu WP. Lancet 1988, 1:296. EM epidemic associated with throat viral infection.

Hot feet: erythromelalgia and related disorders. Layzer RB. Journal of Child Neurology 2001, 16:199-202. Short review of symptoms and a neurological cause of EM.

Erythromelalgia: symptom or syndrome? Belch JJ, Mackay IR. Vascular Medicine Review 1992, 3:31-39. This covers all aspects of EM and includes treatment for different subtypes.

Erythromelalgia caused by platelet-mediated arteriolar inflammation and thrombosis in thrombocythemi Michiels JJ, Abels J, Steketee J, van Vliet HH, Vuzevski VD. Annals of Internal Medicine 1985, 102:466-471. Erythromelalgia – a mysterious condition? Mork C, Kvernebo. Archives of Dermatology 2000, 136:406-409. Short review of diagnosis, classi-fication and prognosis of EM.

Erythromelalgia – A condition caused by microvascular arteriovenous shunting. Kvernebo K. VASA Journal of Vascular Diseases 1998, 51:1-39. This covers all aspects of EM and how it is caused by abnormal blood circulation. Very technical. Erythromelalgia: a clinical study of 87 cases. Kalgaard OM, Seem E, Kvernebo K. Journal of Internal Medicine 1997, 242:191-197. Study of symptoms and prognosis for 87 patients.